5 keys to authoring your business book

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5 keys to authoring your business book

As a leader in a professional services firm, building your brand to attract more of your ideal clients, you might be surprised about the power of the written word and how it can either win your business or lose you clients.

For example, we write emails, proposals, presentations, speeches, marketing materials, website copy – in fact the list is endless.

One of the most powerful ways to position yourself as the expert however, is by authoring your business book.

If you have investigated the area of writing your book, you will probably know that over 80% of business leaders in professional services understand the importance of writing a business book. 

Yet why is it that less that 2% of business leaders do author their own business book?

Your business book is probably one of the most powerful marketing tools in your business.  It positions you as the expert and enhances your reputation and credibility.

It is unlikely that you will make a fortune authoring your business book – it is not about the volume of books you sell.  However authoring your book is a proven marketing strategy and if properly executed, you will find that you are able to secure more of your ideal clients and increase your fees. 

With options from e-publishing, self publishing through to collaborative publishing, there has never been an easier and more cost effective time to publish your business book.

You don’t even need to wait find a publisher if you are serious about becoming a published author.

If you have the ambition to write your business book, but find something is holding you back, here are 5 tips to help you move forward:

  1. Create a powerful vision – visualise what it will be like to pass a copy of your published book to the event organiser or potential client you want to work with.  How will they react as you give them a copy of you book when you present your proposal?
  2. Make the book real – instruct a designer to create your mock up of the front and back cover for your book and wrap it around a book.  You then have something tangible that will remind you of the impact your book will have and how you will feel as published author.
  3. Mastermind with others – join or create a mastermind group with others who either have published their business book or who are writing their book.  A mastermind group is great for support, advice and accountability so that you get your book written.
  4. Work with a coach – if you want additional accountability, consider hiring a business coach or mentor.  Your mentor will be able to help you work through obstacles and help you overcome procrastination.
  5. Impose a deadline – consider writing a number of words a day.  It’s estimated that an average business book will take you 200 hours to write.  So if you could dedicate 2 hours a day to writing your book, you would have it completed in just 3 months.  What change could you make in your agenda to find 2 hours a day to author your business book?

Implement these ideas and take action today to build your brand and enhance the success of your professional practice through authoring your business book.

For additional support, make sure that you join me on todays weeks “Biz Growth Live” call where we will be discussing how to write, publish and market your business book. 

And if you are looking for additional support and information, I highly recommend the forthcoming book authoring telesummit taking place between 12 and 20 February 2007 – yes all the content will be delivered virtually by teleconference.

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