Podcast statistics, Spring 2007

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Podcast statistics, Spring 2007

I have just finished this week’s Biz Growth Live call with Penny Haynes where we discussing how podcasting can build your brand and attract more of your ideal clients.

Penny is hosting the International Podcasting Expo on the 20 and 21 April 2007 where I am speaking. You might have read about this in an earlier post.

If you join through my link you will be able to attend the International Podcasting Expo for only US$35 (a 30& discount off the regular price) – just US$1 a session AND you will have access to all the recorinding of the event.

Penny is one of the worlds foremost trainers in podcasting having trained many of the people now branding themselves as podcast experts, so who better to ask about the state of the nation in podcasting. I was interested in her views as to whether she saw it was going to continue to grow.

Penny’s view is that in the US there is still enormous growth anticipated – this is a subject that Dr. Dennis Mocigemba, International University Bremen will be covering at the Expo when they report the results of the first international podcasting survey.

She shared with me that on the “carry out” bags of McDonald’s her children had brought home yesterday, there is now an advert for McDonalds Globalcast. Their content covers everything from corporate social responsibility, nutrition data and what it’s like to have McJob!

At the recent Corporate Podcasting Summit Europe where I was a speaker, Tom Webster presented the findings of the US report, (Arbitron/Edison Media Research Internet and Multimedia 2007 Study), and highlighted that:

  • 37% of the US popualtion have heard of podcasting (up from 22% in 2006)
  • 13% of the US population have listened to a podcast (up from 11% in 2006)
  • 11% of the US population have watched a video podcast (up from 10% in 2006).

Interestingly podcast listeners in the US are likely to be pretty evenly split across men and women with 51% being male and 49% female.

Jason Van Orden, one of my favourite podcast consultants, recently commented about a survey by Bridge Ratings who surveyed 10 US markets and reported that in March 2006 there was an overall reduction in the number of podcasts listened to.

When interviewed about this change in behavior, the following reasons were given for less podcast downloading:

  1. Schedule related. Too busy.
  2. Use of alternative entertainment media increased.
  3. Podcast content became uninteresting or boring – not cool anymore.
  4. Podcast “fatigue”. Tired of seeking new content.

The study shows that approximately 20% of users who have ever downloaded and listened to a podcast do so on a weekly basis – downloading an average of five podcasts per week and spending approximately three-and-a-half hours a month listening to the podcasts that have been downloaded.

It is important to note that on average less than 20% of people listen to their podcast downloads on an MP3 player or other digital device.

This is interesting data for me to reflect on as I will be starting two new podcasts in the near future.

Keeping Todays Women in Business current on a weekly basis is certainly time intensive and to add a further two podcasts programmes on a weekly basis is not going to be easy.

As will all strong brands, it is critical that we are consistent in our podcast production. Therefore I am considering scheduling the new podcasts to being on a twice monthly basis.

It is like your newsletter – decide on your frequency of publication and then keep to that timetable.

Jason provides five great tips on determining how frequently to podcast:

  • How much new content can your audience handle without reaching overload?
  • How often can you come up with new content that is relevant?
  • How much time do you have to produce new content?
  • What kind of audience growth are you looking for
  • How often do you need to update in order to stay fresh in the mind of your audience?

Jason will also be speaking at the International Podcasting Expo.

So if you are considering podcasting, I do hope you will join Penny, Jason, me and a host of other podcasting experts this next weekend. It will be fun and what’s more you can join us without leaving the comfort of your own home and from wherever you are in the world.

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  • http://www.darrenbarefoot.com Darren

    There’s an interesting shift in language in those slides. They refer to ‘podcasters’ as ‘people who download audio files’, as opposed to ‘people who publish audio files’. Likewise for ‘podcasting’. That’s the first time I’ve heard the terms used in that manner.

  • Krishna De

    Darren – I am wondering if those slides were miss printed – most of the slides refer to “podcast consumers” but “consumer” is missing off a few pages.

    I see you are heading over to BarCampDublin – be sure to say hi won’t you as I will be there this next weekend.

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