3 Keys to Effective LinkedIn Endorsements

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3 Keys to Effective LinkedIn Endorsements

One of the foundational rules of networking is to build relationships and give generously – of your time, support and resources.

By building relationships in this way you will undoubtedly benefit from being generous in spirit. As they say “one good turn deserves another”.

Building your network online through social networking platforms mirrors the good practice we know offline – yes there are guidance rules for netiquette.

One of the professional networking platforms that I recommend online that you should definitely ensure you have your profile listed at is LinkedIn.

An excellent feature that you don’t see in many online social networks is the opportunity to include LinkedIn endorsements – in other words online testimonials – from people in your network who have worked with you.

Having connected with someone online through LinkedIn, drafting and submitting your endorsement of someones work is a great way to further strengthen a relationship online.

Here are three keys to providing effective endorsements on LinkedIn:

  1. Give before you ask – I was reminded of the importance of being generous and providing an endorsement to others before we ask for one ourselves when within the last few days I have received notes from people in my network requesting endorsements.A much more effective way to build rapport online in your social network would be to generously offer a testimonial to someone.That happened for me recently – someone who had met me at an event where I had been a speaker kindly wrote a LinkedIn endorsement for me. Receiving such an endorsement was such a wonderful gift to receive and believe me I now watch out for that person’s connections much more closely.And yes I did react differently to receiving an endorsement versus the requests I received for endorsements. But perhaps I am alone in that?
  2. Think before you write- take time to consider what you will write in a LinkedIn endorsement. Take time to write an endorsement that will be meaningful to the people reading it and also that the person you are endorsing will really appreciate.Think about the person you are writing a LinkedIn endorsement for, their skills, capabilities, impact, personal brand and their target audience and see how you can include these in your endorsement.
  3. Don’t forget Brand You- many people forget that writing a LinkedIn endorsement is an opportunity to reflect their personal expertise.Remember that the fact that you are writing a LinkedIn endorsement means that you too are on LinkedIn and that people reading the endorsement will be able to find you there online. And who knows what thiat might lead to – more clients, new career opportunities, new friendships?Take the time to craft your endorsement so that it also briefly mentions your area of focus and how that connects to the person you are endorsing. It’s a great way to reinforce your personal brand online.

Taking the time to write LinkedIn endorsements for people in your online social netowrk is definitely worth the investment.

Why not consider who you could write a testimonial or LinkedIn endorsement for in your network and perhaps take time to write one a week – I am sure that your LinkedIn network will reciprocate.

What other ideas do you have for writing effective LinkedIn endorsements?


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