Measuring the ROI of your social media marketing programme

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Measuring the ROI of your social media marketing programme

In the course of hosting social media workshops to support your corporate brand, your employer brand and your internal brand strategy, I always like to ensure that we finish the session with an action plan for the next 90 days.

Included in the action plan are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achieveable, Results orientated and Time bound) goals.

This enables the CEO or executive who has decided to implement the social media marketing programme to track the performance and impact.

There are a number of specific objectives you can establish in terms of hard metrics however in the majority of workshops and mentoring programmes in Ireland and the UK at the moment that I am facilitating, the teams are just getting to grips with social media marketing so some alternative qualitative measures are also required.

Jeremiah Owyang recently wrote a really helpful article on the subject of why your social media plan should have success metrics which i recommend that you check out.

Here is my take on what some of the qualitative measures are for one PR company I was working with recently who are building their knowledge of social media for their own practice and also to apply to their client’s PR plans – this is what they will be reviewing their 90 day action plan against:

  • We were able to learn something about client X we were not aware of before
  • We learnt how to share information about our client’s products or services with others through social media and they shared it with others
  • We have determined which clients it may be appropriate to develop a blogger and podcaster outreach programme for
  • We were able to explain to our clients how social media PR could support their communications and reputation management programme
  • We have identified the online forums and communitites that would be relevant for client X to connect with
  • We enabled our clients to connect with a new/existing customers and began a conversation with them through social media
  • We guided our clients to learn something from their customers/clients that they were not aware of previously
  • We have identified a strategy for how we can integrate social media into the reputation and crisis management plan for our clients
  • We have written Y number of social media press releases and have identified the outcome of those social media press releases in relation to being visible in the search engines and the traffic it generated to the client’s website
  • We have a plan for how to integrate social media to support the building of the reputation of our company with our ideal clients.

Do you agree that you should have measures for your social media marketing programme even in the early stages? What would you include as measures?

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  • Krishna De

    Krishna’s newarticle Measuring the ROI of your social media marketing programme: In..

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  • kdpaine

    This is a good list of output measures — things to accomplish– but it doesn’t incldue any outcomes. Success should be measured by the impact that the program has on the business, on the market or on the customers. You might want to check out chapter 10.

  • Jonathan Moody

    Another thought-provoking post from Jeremiah (does he ever get over to Europe?). These goals are sound and hence we suggest to our clients the need to understand their social media space (it’s not just blogs) before, during and after campaigns.

    Make it on going if you’re continually rolling out initiatives. And by understand I mean know what people are saying about you (brand/product/organization), who they are, where they talk and the relative influence / impact of these places and how these converations mobilize opinion online.

    That way you can set and monitor goals and metrics because Tim Wilson’s Einstein quote (see above) holds true in this space. See and/or visit for more on this.


  • Krishna De

    @ Katie – thank you for sharing your first draft of your book with us – that’s very generous of you.

    @ Jonathan – I agree with you completely – even if you do not want to actively engage in social media marketing, it’s critical that we monitor the conversation – just as we would with the traditional cutting of press releases we reviewed in the past.

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