Boost your online visibility and build your network through blogger outreach – Case Study

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Boost your online visibility and build your network through blogger outreach – Case Study

Did you know that you don’t have to join the blogosphere to benefit from a boost to your online visibility thanks to blogging?

In recognition of this being Social Media Week I plan to feature a number of posts here covering social media case studies from Ireland as we have no live events here.

The first example I would like to offer you is that of

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If you are not aware of them, they are an online florist based in Ireland and who have recently expanded into other markets including Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US  – not bad for a small team with no store on the high street.

There are so many things that I could share with you about and their use of social media marketing, but let’s stay with blogging.

I recall a couple of years ago when they did a blogging outreach to bloggers at the time of Mothers Day, but what has caught my attention this week is their two programmes related to Valentines Day.

On Saturday they hosted an event in their premises opening their doors to some 25 Photo Bloggers, inviting them to take photographs of flowers, arrangements and all the back scenes activities taking place in the run up and preparation to Valentines Day (one of their busiest times of the year). You could also follow the activities on Twitter through their hashtag.

See some of the photo’s that were taken here on Flickr and – and note in the photograph below taken by Fran of the Twitter hashtag and the Facebook Places icon (made by Fran himself) – you see Eamonn Grant one of the Directors of realised that this was a hot topic as Facebook Places had only been launched in Ireland two days before the photowalk.

Flowersmadeeasy-hashtags-and-facebook-places-reaching out to photobloggers

I am sure that over the forthcoming weeks we will see a number of blog posts about on photo blogs across Ireland – of course with those all important incoming links to help their search engine optimisation.

However photo bloggers are not alone in the people that team are connecting to in time for Valentines Day – they have just launched a competition open to all bloggers.

They want to know about the worst date or best dating experience you’ve ever had – and in return you can win 12 red roses, chocolates and sparkling wine to share with your loved one.

In their guidelines for entering they specifically ask you to post a link back to their blog so that they can track that you have entered.


Smart moves don’t you think?

I wonder what ideas does this inspire about how you could connect to bloggers?

And if you want to take part in the competition you can find all the details online here.


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What examples have you seen of great blogger outreach such as these from

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