Social Media Tips

On this page you’ll see some short video’s which take you through online applications in social media as I know it’s often challenging to find your way around the applications.

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Remember to turn up your speakers and if you are in an open plan office, then remember to wear a headset! Enjoy…

You may also enjoy these video tutorials – created a few years ago so some of the sites may have had a make-over – but the content is still relevant.

Three key LinkedIn tips:
- how to create a customised URL to reflect your name
- how to back up your contact data base
- how to save your profile to that you retain a copy in PDF.You will find Krishna on LinkedIn here.

How to manage your profile on Yahoo Groups
- using an email footer
- changing the frequency of email updates and notifications of new messages

Tips to get started on Twitter, with guidance on how set your Twitter background and how to send public and private messages:

Tips for how to manage your Twitter account including tools like,, and

Using Twitter at your live events:
Tips for how to use hashtags for to promote your events and workshops on Twitter and the benefits of using

To blog or not to blog?
Before you start a business blog here are some things to consider to ensure that it’s a wise investment of your time and money. If you are considering using as I do, check out the search engine ready and easy to customise premium template.